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Asphalt Driveway Repair

This is a picture of a concrete driveway repair service.

Like any product, asphalt has a lifespan; and without a skilled contractor you might find your asphalt driveway repair doesn’t provide long term value, curb appeal, or safety.

Houston Paving Pros are skilled asphalt and concrete contractors with years of local experience.

We only use  premium materials and a highly-skilled team to deliver your driveway repairs.


Wear and Tear Happens. The Trick is to Act Early!

Over time an asphalt driveway will start to show cracks and holes from normal wear and tear due to heavy rains, poor drainage, chemical spills, UV rays, and Houston’s unique weather.

Left unattended, small cracks can quickly become large ones, or even potholes.

Though it’s not a prospect you look forward to, repair sometimes needs to be done or your vehicles can face severe damage and you could very well be introducing a water drainage problem.

Even less appealing is the prospect of repairing your asphalt driveway over and over again. But we all know that prevention is better than repeated repair, and we will prevent further concerns for you in the future.


Below the Surface

Our repairs aren’t just a cosmetic cover up. We don’t just apply a surface sealant to hide the problems, as other contractors do.

We can clean, repair, and seal your asphalt, or if the underlying substrate is in good condition, we can remove the damaged top layer and simply replace it with an asphalt overlay.

Either way, your driveway remains solid, safe, and attractive for years to come. And you have the confidence knowing it was done by the most accomplished experts in the field, using premium materials, and providing the best in customer service and value.


Protecting Your Investment

Saving time and money is important, and having the best in the business repair your asphalt driveway will certainly do that. Wear and tear is normal in the life of your driveway, but failing to make repairs can create a big impact on the your asphalt as well as your wallet.

Calling upon the services of Houston Paving Pros can save you from the bigger expenses of a complete asphalt driveway installation.

Our asphalt paving is:

  • Durable with minimal maintenance.
  • Made with the best materials for your particular needs.
  • Designed around Houston’s unique conditions and topography.
  • Installed by the most qualified specialists in the field.


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