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Concrete Driveway Repair

This is a picture of a concrete driveway repair.

Houston Paving Pros are concrete specialists. We’re skilled in repairing concrete surfaces, and can deliver a rejuvenated surface which is durable, attractive and cost-efficient.


We Respect Your Property’s Value

Don’t underestimate the power of your driveway to contribute to curb appeal and to have a positive impact on the attractiveness and value of your property.

Even if you don’t wish to sell for years to come, your driveway can affect the beauty of your home. If you want to sell your home, for example, you must go a few extra miles to impress the buyers and having a well-maintained concrete driveway is one piece of that puzzle.

But even if you’re not selling your property, a well-maintained concrete driveway has the virtues of being attractive, stable, and offering a solid chunk of peace of mind! Coming home to a smooth even surface all the way up to your front door or garage is part of the appeal for coming home.

Let Houston Paving Pros make your concrete driveway gorgeous and amazing.


We Offer a Free Site Inspection

We also perform inspections to offer you expert opinion on the best way to repair your concrete driveway.

There are times when an amateur eye simply doesn’t have the tools to see when concrete is at risk for further damage, and you will need a professional to inspect it. Your driveway could be on its way to expensive repairs if the damage is not caught in time.


Houston Paving Pros Takes Care of the Details

We are a highly trained, insured, certified, and bonded paving contractor and can provide a detailed estimate and evaluation for the damage. We’ll repair the damage before it becomes extensive, and do it at an affordable price. We also ensure that any permits or city or county building ordinances have been approved before construction begins.

Delays in repairs can cause far worse damage than you anticipated so it’s far better to call upon a paving contractor you can trust to accurately diagnose the damage and provide you with long lasting and high quality repairs with a good concrete product.

So if your concrete driveway isn’t up to snuff, call us! We’ll be delighted to walk you through your options.


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